Unveiling the idols of Jyoti Rao Phule and Svitribai Phule the social reformers

President Mrs. Jindam Kala Chakrapani, Zilla Praja Parishad President Nyalakonda Aruna Raghavareddy and DEO Radha Kishan participated as distinguished guests in the unveiling ceremony of Jyoti Rao Phule – Savitribai Phule on the occasion of Savitribai Phule Jayanti at Gita Nagar Zilla Parishad High School on 03.01.2023. Devadasu, MEO Doosa Raghupathi participated.

In this regard, Mrs. Jindam Kala Chakrapani, President of Municipal Association said that reverend Mahatma Jyoti Rao Phule Savitri Bai Phule in the history of India’s social and educational system, the efforts of the couple are unforgettable. Savitribai Phule played a vital role in the social reform movements for the rights of the marginalized masses and became an inspiration to many people. Savitribai Phule was a revolutionary thinker who believed that women can be freed from the shackles of ignorance only through education. She was a great inspiration who successfully organized special schools for girls. She said that she is very happy and proud to unveil the idols of His Excellency Jyoti Rao Phule and Savitribai Phule.

Chief Minister of Telangana Special State KCR said that he is promoting women’s education in accordance with the couple’s Mahatma Jyoti Rao Phule and Savitribai Phule ambitions, organizing special education, hostels, providing reservation for women in various political positions in educational, job opportunities, working for the advancement of women and building an equal society. Similarly, Minister KTR said that by promoting women’s education, he is working hard to ensure that the government’s welfare schemes are also available to women, and he is working for the upliftment of women. Later, Mahatma Jyoti Rao Phule and Savitribai Phuleidols were unveiled. Later, Sai, the donor of these idols, was specially congratulated. Later, as part of the first step program organized by the teachers, they visited the mandal level TLM Mela and congratulated the teachers who prepared TLM projects to develop creativity among the students. Principal, teachers, officials and students of Geetha Nagar ZPHS school participated in this program.