World Bamboo Day Celebration – Rajannasircilla district

The World Bamboo Day celebration was held at Ambedkar Square in the Sircilla town under the Rajanna Sircilla District Bamboo Associatin. At the venue where the ceremony was held, various items and art forms made of Medaru (bamboo) were displayed.

No plastic – use bamboo

Use bamboo products – save the environment like slogans were made to make people aware of bamboo usefulness.

In this regard, the district president Kona Balashekar said that bamboo is the only plant that protects the climate balance by absorbing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and producing oxygen gas. While many BC castes in the state are continuing to depend on bamboo handicrafts for their livelihood. Government is distributing sheeps, buffaloes, fishes to some castes and are neglecting the bamboo handicraft making people. He urged the government to keep the handicrafters in mind and provide a helping hand. In this program, the joint secretary of the state, Kona Srinivas, district president Kanikaram Rajanna, former district Principal Secretary Pothu Balaiah, Jorriga Mallesham, Putta Mallesham, Induru Devaiah, Bollam Kanakaiah, Kona Gangamalaya, Resam Ramaswamy, Pothu Devaiah, Putta Swarnalatha, Vemula Anjaiah, Kanikaram Anil and a large number of scholars participated.