Yuva Foundation charity works – Vemulawada

Blankets were distributed under the Yuva Foundation trust to the beggars and homeless who could not stand the cold weather near the temple at Vemulawada town. Vemulawada DSP Nagendra Chari and Town Inspector Venkatesh attended the program and distributed the blankets. Then the DSP said while appreciating the service programs being done by the Yuva Foundation that the candidates who are undergoing training for police jobs are appreciative of participating in such service programs and serving the society. If they become policemen in the future they will do their duty more efficiently and protect the society. Then the founder of the Yuva Foundation Constable Godishela Rajasekhar Goud said that blankets were distributed by walking around the town at night and identifying those who had no blankets. In the coming days, the cold will be more severe, so if there are any unfortunate people in your areas who do not have blankets to cover them, they should donate blankets and show humanity. Yuva Foundation members Yada Srikanth, Andrala Mahesh, Korepu Anil, Dulam Ram Kumar, Bandi Sai, Raju, Shiva, Vinay, Rahul, Sai, Madhu and others participated in this program.

RSD_Yuva foundation service at vemulawada