06 check posts set up on the district border

RSD_ Check posts set up at district border says SP

RSD- Sircilla news: On 19.03.2024, the check post set up at Jillella under Thangalapalli police station was inspected and several instructions were given to the staff working in the check post.

Details of check 06 posts set up in the district during Lok Sabha elections.

1. Thangalapalli Police Station Range – District Check Post.

2. Gambhiraopet Police Station Range – Peddamma Check Post.

3. Mustabad Police Station Range – Venkatravpalli Check Post.

4. Vemulawada Rural Police Station Range – Fazul Nagar Check Post.

5. Boinpally Police Station Range – Kodurupaka Check Post.

6. Rudrangi Police Station Range – Manala Cross Road Check Post.

SP said on this occasion that in the wake of the Lok Sabha elections, strong surveillance has been established in the district without any supply of alcohol or money. The officers and staff have been ordered to thoroughly check every vehicle entering the district at 06 check posts established within the district and block the transportation of illegal liquor and money. Since the Election Code is in force, It is advised that everyone must follow the rules of election. The SP said that if an amount of more than 50,000 is carried without proper evidence in the checks, it will be seized. Those who are carrying money for emergency medical treatment, college fees, business, weddings and other needs are advised to carry money with proper documents and sufficient evidence related to cash. It is said that it is best to keep the certificates with you. He appealed to the people to cooperate with the vehicle checks by following the election rules.