2022 Annual Press Release of Rajannasircilla District Police services

The friendly approach of Rajannasiricilla District Police and the transparent functioning of the police has increased the confidence of the people in the police.

 Details of cases in 2022 within the district.

 IPC Offences: 20.6% reduction in offenses compared to last year. In the year 2021, (3824) cases were reported and in the year 2022 (3036) cases.

 14 murders in 2021 and 14 in 2022.

 Daytime house burglaries were 11 in 2021 and 14 in 2022.

 Nocturnal house burglaries were 43 in 2021 and 55 in 2022.

 There were 12 cases of extortion in 2021 and 08 in 2022. 33.3% decrease this year.

 180 cases of cheating were registered in 2021 and 236 in 2022.

 In 2022, 24 cases of kidnapping were registered, the police machinery acted immedetely and caught them and handed them over to their family members.

Fatal road accidents have been reduced from 112 in 2021 to 82 in 2022. . 26.7% decrease this year.

 Non fatal road accidents 80 in 2021 and 92 in 2022.

 In 2021, there were 52 serious physical crimes and in 2022, there were 29 that is 44.2% decrease this year.

 In 2021, there were 406 physical crimes and 315 in 2022. 22.41% decrease this year.

 35 cases were registered in 2021 and 38 cases in 2022 related to rape.

 181 cases were registered in 2021 and 148 cases in 2022 under domestic violence. 18% decrease this year.

 84 cases were registered in 2021 and 73 in 2022 regarding harassment of women. 13.1% decrease this year.

 4 in 2021 and 4 in 2022 cases related to dowry deaths.

 343 cases were registered in 2021 and 269 in 2022 regarding suicides. 21.5% decrease this year.

 SC/ST Cases: 57 cases were registered in 2021 and 61 cases in 2022 under SC/ST Act.

 45 cases were registered in 2021 and 46 cases in 2022 related to POCSO Act.

Property Recovery: In 2021, 76 cases were made and property worth Rs.7,63,000 was recovered. Percentage of recovery (19.35%). A total of 167 property cases were registered in the year 2022, of which 105 cases were recovered and property worth Rs.45,89,039 was recovered. Recovery percentage (40.57%).

 In the year 2022, 63 cases were registered under cyber crimes.

Convictions: In this year 2022, (21) cases ended in conviction, out of which (1) Accused sentenced to life imprisonment, (1) Accused sentenced to 5 years imprisonment, (8) Accused sentenced to 2 years imprisonment and (3) cases sentenced to one year imprisonment.

Sand cases: 355 sand cases have been registered in 2022. Sand cases have been booked against 386 vehicles.

Dial-100: During the year, total (17027) dial-100 calls were attended and average response time was 5 minutes, out of which 320 cases were registered.

PDS Rice: 84 cases were filed on PDS rice smuggling, 118 arrests were made and PDS rice worth Rs.26,52,510=00 was seized.

Rowdy Sheets: A total of 148 rowdy sheets are in force against those who frequently engage in unsocial activities in the district.

Due to false propaganda of Janashakti Naxalites in the district, fake persons were arrested and ex-Naxalites were spied on.

 8 cases were registered against illegal moneylenders and 10 people were arrested.

Gulf cheating cases: We have registered more than 10 cases against those who cheated to send to Gulf.

Gaming Act/Gambling: In 11 cases of Gaming Act/Gambling Act, 75 cases were registered and Rs.2,37,620.00 was seized.And in 32 cases, 179 people were registered and Rs.2,00,900.00 were seized. .

Drugs: We have registered 15 cases of ganja smuggling, seized 3.509 kg of ganja and arrested 51 people. And in one case we seized 40 grams of Harish and arrested 6.

Gutka cases: Rs.5,48,090.00 was seized in 21 gutka cases in the district.

Operation Muskan and Operation Smile: As part of this operation 113 child laborers were identified and their parents were counseled and handed over.

Lokadalat: 1161 cases were disposed of by Lokadalat.

Court Vertical: We have executed 121 pending non-bailable warrants.

E-Petti Case Registration Release: We have registered 2901 cases regarding e-Petti case registration. We have registered cases against 2425 people who indulged in open drinking.

 9590 cases were registered in drunk and drive.

 E-Challan System: In the year 2022, a total of (168238) e-challans cases were booked and penalty of Rs.3,58,51,400/- was imposed.

Traffic Control Booths: Traffic control booths have been set up in Sirisilla and Vemulawada towns for traffic control at the bus stand areas.

 SPOT CASES: We have registered 22224 cases.

 CAMERA CASES: We have registered 128028 cases.

So far we have registered 279 cases through speed laser gun introduced to check the speed of vehicles.

 CC Cameras: We have installed a total of 2320 CC cameras in the district with the cooperation of police and people from all walks of life. (NOTE: 335 CC Cameras have been installed for the year 2022.)

Praja Divas: Praja Divas is organized every Monday at District Police Office. As part of this, 1060 complaints were received and justice was done to them.

SHE TEAM: As a part of women protection, the SHE Teams formed for the prevention of EVD conducted 117 awareness seminars in 2022 and 9640 children were made aware. Counseling was conducted for those involved in EVD. 15 FIRS has been registered.

Auction of vehicles: 138 vehicles were auctioned in a transparent manner under the authority of the district action committee and the total amount of rupees 10,12,500.00 was deposited in the government account.

Community Policing and Police Art Team: During the year (2177) community policing awareness programs and (148) police art team programs were conducted on Cyber Security, She Team, Road Safety, Ganja, Online Cheating, Mask, Matka, Gutka, Gambling and Women Safety. Financial assistance was provided to the poor families in Rajannasircilla district. The 48th State Level Kabaddi Competition was organized for 4 days at Sircilla under the the Police Department, in which (68) teams from 33 districts participated. About 600 people were provided free coaching for 63 days under the police department for the young men and women who are preparing for the competitive exams in Rajannasircilla district.

Police Nestham: 2022 Police Nestham: Rajannasircilla District Police has innovatively launched a program called “Police Nestham” and organized awareness programs in all the police stations (291) on various issues and solved possible problems individually in coordination with other departments.

Assemblies for School Safety: Rajannasircilla District Police organized an awareness conference for the teachers of government schools in the district through the first program in the state called Assemblies for School Safety under the auspices of the Rajannasirciilla District Police Department. Created awareness about.

To improve the performance of Police Officers to effectively deal with new crimes, 219 training classes were conducted in the district. Out of which 2900 officers and staff have been trained.

Merit Awards: (01 Outstanding Service Scheme), (01 Uttam Seva Scheme) and (18) Service Schemes were awarded to officers and staff who showed merit at the state level.

 41 cases were solved using technology and criminals were arrested.

25 applications were received through social media out of which 9 cases were registered.

On behalf of our police department, Rajannasircilla District Police will be responsible, accountable and work transparently for the protection of people’s money, lives and lives by adopting a friendly police policy in the year 2023.