5 arrested in Hash oil (Cannabis) smoking case – Sircilla

On 12.11.2022, Ganja, Hash oil smoking was caught and the 5 accused involved in it were arrested at Karakatta, Manir river Sircilla by police, another accused 6th person is in abscond. Police have rescued

Hash Oil bottles                                  -8

Ganja packets of each 5 grams          -2

Cash                                                    -Rs.1500/-

A case was filed against the accused with evidence said by SP Rahul Hegde. The absconding person has actually provided the Hash Oil bottles and Ganja to the remaining people and from one bottle of Hash Oil, 100 cigarettes can be made which will be equal to ganja smoking. The person in absconding will be arrested soon.

Accused persons:

1. Tedla Saikumar s/o Muthanna, age: 23 years, Caste: Yadav r/o Goutham nagar, nizambad,

2. Panthula Sai Naveen s/o Laxman Raj, age; 22 years, caste: Kaika r/o Chandrasekhar colony, Nizamabad.

3. Patel Ajay s/o Premnath, age: 22 years, caste: Marati r/o Chandrasekhar colony, Nizambad.

4. Musham Shiva s/o Ravi, age: 19 years, and 9 days years, Caste: Padmashali r/o Shantinagar, Sircilla.

5. Vallapu Vishnu s/o Oddana, age: 17 years, Caste: Munnurukapu r/o Manikbandar, Makloor m/o Nizambad district.


6.Santhosh ,R/o Nizambad.

RSD_Hash oil case