50 acres park in Sircilla- better way of life

RSD_Sircilla park

Under the guidance of Minister KTR, Pothireddypalle Reserve Forest Block in Sircilla town within Sircilla forest range is taking shape in a pleasant way. The objective is to provide a better way of life to the people. It is being constructed by the municipal and forest officials with the instructions of the government. The forest area between Venkatapur-Haridasunagar villages, 10 km away from Sircilla town, is taking shape for the enjoyment of the urban people. The authorities are working fast to make this urban park, which is being established in about 50 acres, available by the coming Diwali festival. The park, which is being built with the aim of providing a better way of life to the people, has already completed the yoga center and the main entrance. The construction works were inspected by district collector Anurag Jayanthi.

RSD_Park inspection by Collector Anurag Jayanthi