90 quintals of PDS rice seized by taskforce – Rajannasircilla district

On 11.10.2022, by the orders of SP Rahul Hegde, DSP A. Ravi Kumar under the command of Task Force SI M. Maruthi along with the staff of Rajannasircilla district, illegally stored 90 quintals of government ration rice in Mustabad was seized and arrested the three accused. The accused and PDS Rice were handed over to Mustabad Police Station for further action.

Details of arrested

1. Mothe Ramulu, s/o Durgaiah, 45 yrs, Budigejungam, r/o Mustabad

2. Parvatam Srinu, s/o Mallaya, 45 yrs, Budigejungam, r/o Mustabad

3. Dokka Shekhar, s/o Chandraiah, 30 yrs, Budigejungam, r/o Mustabad

Details of Possessions

90 quintals of PDS rice

In this task,  SI M. Maruti ,Head Constable-Tirupati, Shabbir, Srinivas, Constable – Srinivas, Akshar Mahipal, Prashanth. participated.