9th ward have been set up with grain purchase centre – Municipal Corporation

RSD_Grain purchase center set up by Municipal corporation Sircilla

On 05.11.2022, the rice grain purchase centre set up by the Urban Poverty Alleviation Organization in the ninth ward Sardapur under the Sircilla Municipal Corporation was inaugurated by Mrs. Jindam Kala Chakrapani, President of the Municipal Corporation.

On this occasion, Municipal Corporation President Mrs. Jindam Kala Chakrapani said that born in a farmer’s family and with full understanding of agriculture, as a farmer, thinking for the welfare of the farmers, Chief Minister KCR has done many things to make agriculture flourishing. He said that special efforts are being made to make Telangana a role model for the whole of India by giving high priority to agriculture. Chief Minister KCR said that the Telangana region was neglected by the previous governments due to the lack of proper water facilities and the farmers suffered a lot. Efforts have been made to sustain the economy. In addition to promoting agriculture for the welfare of farmers, providing crop investment assistance of 10,000 per acre in two instalments every year in the name of Rythu Bandhu, providing free electricity to farmers, providing incentives for growing palm oil and other plantations in the crop rotation system, encouraging integrated agriculture, setting up farmer’s dreams and farmer’s platforms. He said that they are working hard to make the agriculture sector a profitable sector.

Minister KTR established rice paddy buying centres in every village and according to the orders of  Chief Minister KCR, coordinating public representatives, government officials and Rythu Bandhu Samithi to purchase paddy up to the last grain, provision of fresh water accommodation to farmers in each centre , he said that the state government is providing a support price of 2060 rupees for A grade grain and a support price of 2040 rupees for B grade grain while taking all measures to arrange porters, lorry transportation facility, etc. Therefore, Chief Minister KCR and the Minister KTR have made all arrangements so that the farmers should not be deceived by the brokers so that the farmers can sell the grain till the last grain of harvest by the farmers is there. Municipal Vice Chairman Manche Srinivas, Councilors Lingampally Satyanarayana, Mandal Rythu Bandhu Samiti Presidents Vojjala Aggie Ramulu, MRO Vijay Kumar, MEPMA officers and staff, members of women’s associations and farmers participated in this program.