A government physics teacher harassed a student of the same school

RSD_ Villagers and relatives attacked teacher for misbehaving with student

RSD-Siddipet news: The incident came to light late on 05.02.2024 when the teacher, who was supposed to teach the students, misbehaved with the student. A teacher named Tirupati, who teaches Physics in Nangunur Government High School of Siddipet district, has been misbehaving with a tenth standard student in the same school for the past few days and causing mental problems for the student. In this order, the student told her class teacher and her family members that he misbehaved in the lab room on 03.02.2024. The family members went to school with the villagers on 05.02.2024 morning. While talking to the teachers about the incident in the school, the relatives of the girl reached the Nangunur school from Siddipet and thought of attacking the teacher who had caused trouble, when the class teacher from the opposite side came in the way has been attacked by them in this regard was unfortunate. It is reported that Tirupati, who was already in a different class, was hidden by the local teachers to resist the villagers from attack. As the situation became tense, Rajagopal Peta police came to know about the matter and the problem was resolved when both sides agreed. Later, the villagers spoke to the teachers and demanded that the teacher who misbehaved if was removed from his duties and strict action was taken, such incidents would not be repeated. It is reported that the local leaders intervened and a compromise was reached between the two groups after the teacher told sorry.