MLA Shankar Naik contribution for mahabubabad constituency development

RSD_ MLA contribution for development of his constituency

RSD- Mahabubabad news: Banoth Shankar Naik was always present in Mahabubabad town for the people of his constituency, he was always available in the camp office for solving the problems of the people, solving the problems of people that came to him and providing the schemes provided by the government to the beneficiaries. To the poor people who could not pay for medical treatment in the hospital, the Telangana government provided LOC to the affected families of his constituency and used the opportunity to help the people live in his own style. For the people of the constituency who have incurred debts and come home after undergoing medical treatment, if they submit the bills incurred in the hospital through the Chief Minister’s Relief Fund at the camp office of their constituency, the bills will be added to the government and the government will stand by the families in the form of checks from the CMRF funds to the beneficiaries.

Welfare development under the leadership of MLA Shankar Naik Schemes are always available to all people, and under the leadership of CM KCR, under the guidance of Minister KTR, the officials and public representatives are coordinating in the development of the constituency, a 300-bed area dispensary in the district center, a vegetable market has been converted into a non-veg market, a library, facilities in the market for farmers who sell grain crops, dividers, Central Lighting, Traffic Signals, Town Roads, Parks, Urban Nature Forests, Open Gym Centers, Sports Grounds, Largest Collectorate Office with advanced facilities, New Medical College, Minority Gurukulam, Jyotibapule Gurukulam, Tribal Ashram Schools, Tribal ITDA Building. With the construction of modern municipal office, development of many junctions in the town, double bedroom, which was achieved by fighting for the promise given to the people, pension at home, Kalyana Lakshmi in every family, KCR kit, welfare schemes during the 2 times Mahabubaba MLA in TRS regime were provided. The people of Mahabubabad district and the fans of Shankar Naik are expressing hope that Shankar Naik will be in the ring as a parliamentary candidate and they are expressing their concern that if Shankar Naik contests, he will win with a huge majority