Arrest TRS candidate, Save democracy – Illanthakunta BJP leaders

RSD_ TRS candidate effigy burnt by BJP leaders

In Illanthakunta mandal of Rajannasirciilla district, Terasa candidate Prabhakar Reddy effigy was burnt by mandal BJP leaders.

Kusukuntla is the TRS candidate for Munugodu constituency. Prabhakar Reddy’s followers condemned the attack on Itala Rajender during the election campaign. Presidents of Tirupati Reddy Mandal said that in the previous election, the people supported the BJP candidate Komati Reddy, Rajagopal Reddy and the BJP will win with a huge majority. While Rajender’s wife was campaigning in the village, TRS drunken rowdies came on bikes and honked their horns madly and disturbed. Their madness is a proof of their insanity. Terasa destruction of BJP’s campaign vehicles was a shameful act. Terasa candidate Prabhakar Reddy and his goons have to be arrested immediately to save democracy. He said BJP is winning Rajagopal Reddy with a huge majority in the Mumugodu election. BJP leaders Bollaram.Prasanna, Battini.Swami, Deshetty.Srinivas, Gajjala.Srinivas, Boini.Ranjith, Dandaveni were present in this event. Rajinikanth, Singari.Srinivas, Nagasamudrala.Santosh, Bandari.Raja, Vajjapelli. Srikanth, Ponnam, Krishna, Palle. Saiprasad Reddy, Payyavula. Naveen, Narsaiah, Punni. Prashant, Anthati. Venu, Muttakka Gauraveni. Naresh, Ramesh and others participated.