Call toll free numbers 1930, dial 100, to report cybercrime

RSD_ Beware of cyber crime says SP Akhil Mahajan

RSD- Sircilla news: On this occasion, SP said that cyber criminals are committing cybercrimes based on two aspects of hope and fear, cyber criminals are deceiving the innocent people with the help of technology that is increasing day by day, promising high interest and getting more money than the investment. The people of the district should not be deceived by investing in such online apps. He said that people of the district should be vigilant against cyber criminals. If anyone is a victim of cyber fraud, they can call helpline number 1930 and dial 100.

Some of the cybercrimes that took place in Rajannasircilla district during this week.

● A victim received a call from an unknown number in Sircilla police station saying that they will increase the credit card limit, the victim shared the OTP and the victim lost 1,70,000 rupees.

● While searching for a part time job in Illantakunta Police Station area, victim got a message from a WhatsApp number, he was added in Telegram and was sent product links in Myntra app and was asked to share the screen shot of cart. Then they asked victim to invest 41,000/- rupees in the name of task. After they invest, they want to invest more to get this money, but victim understood that it is a fraud.

● Nataraj pencil packing part time job in social media under Sircilla town police station area, victims contacted them on social media and they said that they will give money if we do pencil packing, believing them and asked them to send the amount for ID card and material expenses, then made them to believe that they will return money to us the victim lost 15000 rupees.

● We will invest in the stock market within Vemulawada Town Police Station, but the trading app says that it will double in a week, and victim invest 2,77,000 rupees in it and got cheated.

Following precautions should be taken to avoid cybercrime:-

●Beware of OTP scams, job advertisement through the e- mails.

●Be careful with fake email ids of organizations.

● Be careful with online shopping scams.

● Beware of loan scams.

●Be alert to debit/ credit card frauds.

● Be careful with lottery mails/messages.

● Be vigilant about mobiles.

● Be careful, they will make mistakes with us and steal money from our account.

● Beware of attracting people through Facebook claiming to invest.

● Blackmail by posting love pictures on social media.

● Be careful if we click on unauthorized links our phone will go to hacker control.

● Frauds in the name of insurance companies.

● Frauds in the name of this filing & income tax refund.

● Cyber scams on WhatsApp platform by pretending to be speaking from abroad.

● Bait and cheats like being selected in a lucky draw.