Collector orders to move the exhibit made by Hemanth (cloth folding machine) to T-Works in Hyderabad

RSD_Cloth folding machine made by ZPHS Shivanagar Sircilla student

RSD- Sircilla news: Jakkani Hemant, a tenth grade student of Kusuma Ramaiah Boys School in Sircilla Shiva Nagar, made a power loom cloth folding machine when his parents Gnaneshwar and Rupa could not see the problems in cloth folding produced by power loom. Jakkani Gnaneshwar and Rupa’s son Hemant are from Sircilla town Ganesh Nagar. He used to see his parents and nearby laborers struggling to fold the clothes produced by Power Loom at his home. Seeing people suffering from leg and back pain after hours of folding clothes he got into tears. He thought for many days to remove their troubles somehow. He spoke to the teachers at his school. As per their suggestions and, after working hard for almost two months, with two thousand rupees, he made a power loom cloth folding machine using wheels, chains, motors and sensors. Hemant said that while it takes an hour to fold clothes, it can be done in just 10 minutes with the help of this machine.

Collector’s congratulations to Hemant

Collector Anurag Jayanthi felicitated Class 10 student Jakkani Hemant for making a power loom cloth folding machine useful for weavers. DPRO Dasharatham took the matter of the student’s exhibit to the attention of the Collector on 11.02.2024. As a result, Hemant exhibit was set up in the compound of the integrated district offices and the collector inspected it. Get to know the full details about its usage. The collector said that he will send this exhibit to T- Works Hyderabad and try for a patent. Reasons to Prepare Specially appreciated the teachers who trained the students in the government school knowing about the helpfulness of the school science teachers. Hemant, who belongs to a poor family, knows the financial situation and assures them that he will support them. Hemant’s father Gyaneshwar died during Corona. He has wife Rupa, children Poonam, Hemant and Keerti were there. Hemant’s mother brought to the attention of the collector that it is very difficult to educate children while working as a weaver, and the government should take responsibility for the education of the students. District Education Officer Ramesh was instructed to make arrangements to take Hemant’s exhibit and guide teacher Pakala Shankar Goud to T- works. Roopa and their family members expressed special thanks to the collector who responded to the exhibit made by Hemant and said that he will stand by the family. Additional Collector Pujari Gauthami, Textile AD Sagar, District Welfare Officer Lakshmirajam, Principal Motilal, Science teachers Sarita, Srihari, Rajitha, Prabhakar and others participated here.