New notification for group-1 exam in Telangana

RSD_ News Group-I notification in Telangana

RSD-Hyderabad news:  Group-1 in Telangana is cleared for new notification. The previous government went to the Supreme Court against the judgment given by the High Court cancelling the previous notification. But the recently formed Congress government in the state withdrew the case. With this, the Supreme Court has given a green signal to issue a new notification for Group-1.

On the other hand, it is known that the state government has taken a decision to increase group-1 posts in the state. Recently, the government has taken a decision to increase 60 more posts in addition to the previous 503 vacancies. With this, the total number of vacancies is likely to be up to 563. The upcoming new notification will come along with the increased posts. It has been decided to cancel the old notification and release the new notification due to paper leakage and question mistakes. The same issue was recently announced in the assembly.