Counselling to the rowdy sheeters of the district

RSD_ Counselling for rowdy sheeters by SP

RSD- Sircilla news: To bring about a change in the behaviour of the rowdy sheeters in the district, for the rowdy sheeters a counselling was organized at Sircilla town police station on 03.04.2024 and asked about the last crime they committed, and now they are given an opportunity to change their behaviour by asking about their way of life, the District SP said. On this occasion, SP said that they should leave the life of crime and live a good life with the present society and live a sober life, even if they commit crimes soon, their family who has done no wrong will suffer a lot because of it. He reminded the rowdy sheeters to change their behaviour keeping in mind the future of their family and children, a word called rowdy sheeter can destroy the future of their children as well. Instead of being a bully in the society, be a good parent to your children and remain a hero. It is being given an opportunity to the rowdy sheeters in the district after the parliament election, if there is a change in their behaviour by December 2024, there will be a chance to remove the rowdy sheets on them, for that there will be police surveillance on the movements and actions of every rowdy sheeter, and if there is no change in the criminal tendency, legal action will be taken SP warned. Not only in the context of the Parliament elections, but also in the future, they should be of good conduct and not commit any crimes, and they are given an opportunity to change their criminal tendencies without any temptation and commit crimes, and if they do not change, they will be dealt with severe punishments. If they have good conduct and do not commit any crimes for the past ten years and change completely, there is also a chance to remove the rowdy sheet, the SP said. Additional SP Chandraiah, DSPs Chandrasekhar Reddy, Nagendrachari, CIs and SIs participated in this program.