Crime review meeting to increase work efficiency – SP Rahul hedge

District SP Rahul Hegde IPS suggested that all the police officers should work efficiently in order to solve the cases more efficiently along with making the criminal investigation more efficient. A crime review meeting was held at the district police headquarters 21.10.2022.

Speaking in this regard, the SP said that progress has been made in the pending cases with the special action taken by the police officers on the pending cases. Actions should be taken as per plan to reduce the number of pending cases by expeditiously solving the pending cases. If necessary, the concerned judges are advised to take more initiative to resolve the cases themselves. It is suggested that special attention should be given to SC/ST cases. He ordered that the investigation in POCSO Act cases should be completed speedily. Punishment of the criminals in the court will increase the trust and respect of the victims towards the police and the courts by giving justice to the victims. He said that the public prosecutor has to ensure that the cases do not get lost in the court.

Additional Public Prosecutor Vemula Lakshmi Prasad, Assistant Sessions Court Sircilla explained the doubts of the police officers about the evidence to be presented in the court in order to punish the accused in various types of cases. Later, Additional Public Prosecutor Vemula Lakshmi Prasad, TPP Narsinga Rao, AGP, who has shown talent in hearing the arguments in many cases in the district, gave harsh punishments to the accused. Ravinder Rao, APP Satish Kumar, APP Vikrant, AGP Sadanandam were given mementos and felicitated with a shawl.

Functional verticals reward for top performers and staff

In this regard, the SP handed over certificates of appreciation to 15 police officers and staff who showed the best performance in the management of the event and the strong implementation of the functional verticals undertaken by the Telangana State Police Department.

Additional SP Chandraiah, DSPs Vishwaprasad, Ravikumar, CIs Anil Kumar, Upender, Mogili, Venkatesh, Bansilal, Srilatha, Sarwar, Naveen Kumar, RIs Rajinikanth, Yadagiri SIs participated in this meeting.