Police Flag Day Celebrations – Rajannasircilla district

Police Flag Day Celebrations – Rajannasircilla district

Police Martyrs Memorial Day (Police Flag Day), the Commandant participated as the chief guest in the commemorative parade organized at 17th Battalion Sardapur and paid tributes to the policemen who lost their lives in the line of duty.

On this occasion, the Commandant praised the services of the martyred policemen.

We are inspired by the sacrifices of policemen who died in the line of duty. He praised the police who do not hesitate to lay down their lives if needed to maintain peace and security in the society. He said that anti-social forces are committing violence in the direction of extremism, terrorism and religious ideology. He said that he is getting inspiration and motivation from the immortality of the police. The police are perseverance, endurance and patience and their efforts to maintain peace and security cannot be forgotten.

As part of Police Flag Day, Essay competition was conducted for police personnel on 21.10.2022 at the battalion office for ARISI and lower rank police officers on the topic of police efforts to get citizens’ forgiveness and for SI level and above officers Effective policing. He said that an essay competition was organized for the police personnel on the topic of role of women policemen also.

Assistant Commandant Shri Ym. Parthasarathy Reddy, Sardapur 9th Ward Councilor Lingampally Satyanarayana, Administrative Officer Mrs. B. Shailaja, officers and staff participated in this program.

In line of duty, Police Flag Day was celebrated in the district in commemoration of police martyrs who lost their lives for the defense of the country.

District Collector Anurag Jayanthi, District SP Rahul Hegde IPS, Additional SP Chandraiah along with police officials and family members of the martyrs paid homage at the Martyrs Stupam in the outskirts of Lingampeta village of Chandurthi Mandal.

In this regard, the District Collector said that the sacrifice of police martyrs will be an inspiration for future generations. He said that the police system is a system created for public needs and protection. Along with the maintenance of peace and security, the internal security of the country, the protection of people and the protection of government property, the police system works very crucially in every case. The Collector said that from October 21st  to October 31st , special programs are being carried out by the police to reach out to the people for national unity, which is commendable.

Speaking on this occasion SP said that on October 21st , 1959, 20 Indian soldiers under the leadership of CRPF S.I. Karam Singh were performing duties at the hot string in Ladakh region when the Chinese Army attacked them and killed 10 of them. Since then, the government observes the Police Martyrs’ Remembrance Day on October 21 every year to commemorate the policemen who lost their lives in the line of duty.

He said that police martyrs’ memorial day has been celebrated as police flag day since last year. The police department has always worked with diligence and dedication for many decades from physical protection to eradicating social ills through their sacrifices. He said that Police Flag Day is being celebrated on October 21 in commemoration of police martyrs.

Commemoration programs will be held from October 21st  to Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel’s birth anniversary on October 31st , commemorating the sacrifices of the martyred policemen.

He said that 264 policemen have been killed by terrorists and anti-communal forces in this year. Remembering their sacrifices he said that the true tribute we pay to the martyrs of the police is to provide financial benefits to the families of the martyred martyrs and provide them with mental strength.

He said that more than 8 policemen are responsible for internal security in Rajannasircilla district. The present situation is better than the last 20 years because of their sacrifices. The District SP said that there is a need to constantly remember the sacrifices of the policemen.

Family members related to the families of the martyrs attended the program and paid their respects. The Collector and SP spoke to the family members of the martyrs and inquired about the problems of their families and said that they will solve the problems as soon as possible.

DSPs Vishwaprasad, Ravikumar, RIs Rajinikanth, Yadagiri, CIs Srilatha, Venkatesh, Bansilal, Anil Kumar, Upender, Mogili, Sarwar, Naveen Kumar, Lingamoorthy, SI police personnel participated in the program.