Cultural and traditional practices in Sircilla


Chairman of NFSCOB Mr. Konduri Ravinder Rao, State leaders of BRS Party Mr. Cheeti Narsinga Rao, Chairperson of ZP Mr. Nyalakonda were the special guests at the congratulatory meeting organized by Sri Harihara Ayyappa Swamy Temple in the town under the direction of Mr. Diddi Srinivas and his disciples. Aruna Raghava Reddy, President of Municipal Corporation Mrs. Jindam Kala Chakrapani and Vedic Scholars Racharla Raghurama Sharma participated.

Speaking on this occasion, Pujya Sri Racha Vidyasagar Guru Swami,Sri Hariharaputra Ayyappa Swami ,doing divine services to many people in this region as the supreme devotees of Sri Hariharaputra Ayyappa Swami and making a few thousand people as Kanne Swami and developing the values of our cultural traditions and piety among today’s youth. Sri Racha Vidyasagar Guru Swami is credited with establishing a good spiritual environment in Sircilla.

Chief Minister of Telangana KCR said that he successfully organized Maha Chandi Yag to the amazement of the nation and developed spiritual values in Telangana state.

In the same spirit, Sri Racha Vidyasagar Guru Swami, who successfully organized the Maha Chandiyaga in the town of Sircilla, said that his ideas and guidance are very important for today’s youth.

Sri Racha Vidyasagar Guru Swami, at the age of 69 years, conducted a 1200 km uphill trek from Sircilla to Sabarimalai and successfully completed the padayatra and reached Sircilla with the same redoubled enthusiasm.

Sri Racha Vidyasagar Guru Swami and his group of disciples who reached Sircilla after making a padayatra under the leadership of Sri Racha Vidyasagar Guru Swami and visited Sri Hari Hara Putra Ayyappa Swami.

Councilor members Veldandi Devadasu, Gaddam Chandana Bhagavan, Kalluri Latha Madhu, Diddi Srinivas, Guruswamulu Kanneswamulu, who was the patron of Ayyappa, and devotees of Sri Harihara Putra Ayyappa Swami participated in this program.