Cyber criminals attacking on bank accounts of families who died with Covid

Cyber crime on Covid death suffering families

Srinivas Reddy of Chagaleru Panchayat Sanaganapalli village of Chilamathur mandal and a woman of Chagaleru village received a phone call two days ago saying that they are calling from the Collector’s office. So if you tell me your phonepe number, amount will be credited into your account of family who lost their lives in corona. After telling the number, they asked to scan the QR code with the link that came. The victims scanned it thinking it was real. Meanwhile, once Rs. 8000 and again Rs. 12000 were emptied from their account.

Three days ago, an Asha worker from Kodiginahalli, Parigi Mandal received a phone call. They said that they are calling from the collector’s office and asked them to provide the details of those who have died due to corona in the past. According to the information given by her, the cyber criminals targeted the families of those who died due to Corona. Thus, from the account of Yashodamma’s son of Kodigenahalli, Rs. 20,000, Rs.57,000 from the account of Bhagyamma, who works in Kasturiba School, and Rs.6,000 from the Anganwadi Welfare worker Account of Kodiginahalli was stolen.

These are just a few examples of how cybercriminals are using technology to commit fraud. In the last two days in the Anantapur district, several people have lost thousands of rupees from their accounts after falling victim to cyber criminals. They are resorting to the police to give them justice. As the use of computers and smartphones is increasing, cybercrimes are also increasing. Cybercriminals are taking personal information and withdrawing money easily from the accounts by telling them that they have received a lottery, a gift, or to update their KYC. There are some scammers with fake websites. Greedy to earn more money in less time, cybercriminals are harassing innocent people by sending links on WhatsApp saying that saving a small amount will bring huge profits. Those who are losing money in the hands of cyber criminals say that they will not profit after knowing that they have been cheated. Recently similar incidents are coming to light in the Anantapur district. Cyber ​​crooks looted thousands of rupees from the accounts.

Looking into the cybercrimes, the police have confirmed that all these fraudsters are from other states. IT professionals working in multinational companies and those with technical knowledge are committing frauds from states like Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. It seems that these scams are being done from other countries with new links. Employees, students, traders, widows, women and children are all victims of cyber criminals. Police are regularly sensitizing people through social media about cyber frauds. According to the police, giving out personal information to unknown people is the main cause of cybercrime.

Be alert on QR codes coming from people who are new to smart phones. If you want to give a large amount of money, now you need to pay a small amount of money. Otherwise, clicking the QR code sent by unknown people without being seen is harmful. If the mobile number receives messages regarding the installation of 5G and 4G towers, it is better not to receive them. Some are sending mails saying that they will do the installation of towers and if you pay some money for that, they will pay you monthly rent. If you click on the links of such messages, you will have to be cheated. If you are cheated by cybercriminals, you should file a complaint at 1930 or register your complaint in the website