Nityananda Swamiji’s non bailabel warrant in rape case already blue corner notice

Non bailable warrant for Nityananda

A non-bailable warrant has been issued against Nityananda alias Nityananda Swami, who was arrested in a rape case, he spent his life in jail, came out on bail and eventually left the country. A case has already been registered against Nityananda, who is accused of raping a woman. Nityananda, who attended court proceedings for a few years, left India and fled abroad three years ago. Blue corner notices have already been issued against Nithyananda. Now Nityananda has been issued a non-bailable warrant and his disciples are shocked.

Nithyananda alias Nithyananda Swami Ashram is located in Bididi on the outskirts of Bangalore city. Nityananda, who boasted that he was a Godman, attracted huge numbers of devotees in the country and abroad. In addition to Bididi, Nityananda Ashrams were established in Tamil Nadu and other states where he addressed the devotees who came to his shelters. The police registered a case and arrested Nithyananda along with some of his disciples and sent them to Ramanagara Jail. Nithyananda spent his life in jail for some time. was granted bail and came out of jail. Later he attended the rape case hearing. Nityananda, who attended the court hearing till 2019, later alleged said that there was a threat to his life and someone threatened to kill him so he secretly left India and fled abroad in the same year. Nityananda, who founded Kailasam on his own, is saying that I am the king and I am the minister of Kailasam. Karnataka and Gujarat police are hunting for Nithyananda.

Now blue corner notices have already been issued against Nithyananda who has left the country on a non-bailable warrant. Notices to the person who gave surety to the bail. Non-bailable warrants were issued after Nityananda did not attend the hearing of the cases in the 3rd Additional District Court, Sessions Court, Tappani Tippaluramanagara. The court has issued notices to the surety for Nithyananda’s bail. If Nityananda does not appear in court, the surety may confiscate the property, the lawyer says. On the whole, Nithyananda became a hot topic once again as a non-bailable warrant was issued.