District Level Essay Competitions under the “Anti-Drugs Clubs” on Drug Eradication

RSD_ District level essay writing on drug eradication

RSD- District news: District SP Akhil Mahajan IPS said that essay competitions are being organized under the “Anti-Drugs Clubs” established in the district to raise awareness among the youth about the elimination of drugs and the harm caused by their use. He said that we are moving ahead with special activities for the elimination of drugs in the districts, and as part of that, “Anti-Drugs Clubs” were organized last year with the students of the district and along with awareness programs, painting and essay competitions were held. At the district level, as part of the “Anti-Drug Clubs” under the supervision of the District Police Department, an essay competition will be organized in the respective schools and colleges on 15-02-2024.

The students who have shown the best performance in the painting competition held in the month of January 2024 and the essay writing competition to be held on the 15th of February 2024 will be selected mandal-wise and they will be given certificates and awards at the district level.

Students participating in these competitions have been divided into 02 categories.

1.6th to 10th Class

2. Intermediate and above Degree

Therefore, the Headmasters and Principals of schools and colleges should inform the students about the competition and share the student’s details who are interested in participating in the competition.