Strict action against those who post false information on social media

RSD_ Flase news in social media is offensive

RSD- District news: The issue being spread on social media in the district is that people from other states are roaming around villages and towns in our district and picking up small children by posting photos and videos that are not true. The district should not believe in such false campaigns and post videos and photos related to incidents in other areas on social media in the district to create fear among the people said SP. The information regarding the kidnapping of small children has been circulating on social media for the past two days, but the police have not received any complaints or evidence, but they are constantly monitoring the district and patrolling the entire district. Blue Colt vehicles are patrolling 24/7 in the urban and rural areas. He said there is surveillance of CC cameras in the cities. No one should believe the rumors on social media that are not true, if such incidents have happened, call the concerned police officers or dial 100 and give the information, the police will investigate the facts and take appropriate action. District SP said that the police will also keep vigilance and take legal action against those who are terrorizing people by posting false rumors on social media that the incidents happened somewhere in the districts.