e-KYC compulsory for ration cards


RSD- Telangana news:Along with the issue of bogus ration cards, the Telangana government has taken a key decision to curb the misuse of ration goods. Steps Have been taken to ensure that all the family members in the ration card must complete KYC. To this end, the Telangana Emergency Supplies Department has issued orders to the Collectors and officials of all the districts. Actually this process is supposed to start from September 11th 2023. But could not due to technical reasons. It will start soon.

At present, ration card holders in Telangana can collect ration by fingerprinting anyone in the family. Goods are given to all as many people as there are names on the card. But even if some people die, their family members do not remove their name from the ration card. Similarly, the names of women who move to another town after marriage, or men who are separated from their families after marriage, remain the same in the same ration cards. There is one person in the house and ration is being taken in their name as well.

With this, the government has taken steps to ensure that every ration card holder’s details are included online and transparent. That is why steps are being taken to ensure that every member of the family whose name is on the ration card goes to the ration shop and completes the KYC (Know Your Customer) process by taking fingerprints. The ration card holders will be compared with Aadhaar details to find out how many are the actual beneficiaries. The details of all these will be included online.

All the family members named in the ration card along with the owner of the family have to go to the nearest ration shop and get stamps. Ration dealers will take these finger prints in this pass machine. On fingerprinting, the ration card number along with their Aadhaar card number will be displayed. After that the green light will come and the KYC process will be completed. If the red light comes then the KYC will reject that the ration card number does not match with the Aadhaar number. In such cases, their name will be removed from the ration card. Ration goods are cut per unit (per person).

For e-KYC, all the family members have to go to the ration shop at the same time and give their fingerprints. Even if one or two do not go, they are considered separated from the family and their names are removed from the ration card.

Since the formation of Telangana, no new ration cards have been issued in Telangana. With this, it seems that the government intends to identify the original beneficiaries and grant new ration cards after completing e-KYC. Also deletion of names and addition of new names in the ration card will be done. The Sarkar hopes that the quota of rice and goods will be reduced if the dead and ineligible are removed.