Father poisoned cooldrink and made it drank by his son

RSD_ Father killed son by poisoning cool drink

RSD- Solapur news: A father killed his 14-year-old son who was misbehaving with female students in school while watching obscene videos on his mobile phone. This incident which took place in Solapur, Maharashtra has recently come to light. The accused Vijay Battu was recently arrested by the police. According to the police report, the parents complained to the police on 13th of January 2024 that their son was missing. The body of the boy was found shortly after that. The postmortem report revealed that the death was due to consumption of poison. The police registered a case and questioned the family members. Their answers were inconsistent and were suspected. After the boy’s father was questioned, the real matter came to light. Vishal abandoned his studies and started harassing girls in school by watching pornographic videos on his phone. Parents who knew about the matter told him to change his ways, but he turned a deaf ear. On the other hand, complaints from the school also increased. Fed up with his son’s behaviour, the father took his 14-year-old son Vishal on a bike to Tuljapur Road on January 13th 2024. There he bought a cool drink and mixed poison in it and gave it to his son. When Vishal falls unconscious, he returns home alone. On the same day evening, both the husband and wife went to the local police station and complained that their son was missing. The police started an investigation and after it was found that the real accused was the father, he was recently sent behind bars.