Cheating In Petro Bunk , fraud is happening in petrol bunks

RSD_ Frauds in petrol bunks

RSD- Telangana news: Every house has a vehicle. So they buy petrol or diesel. But everyone has to go to the gas station to get petrol. Some petrol stations take money by selling petrol fairly. But some are playing tricks and charging extra. Others are doing something wrong in the petrol filling station and pouring less petrol and taking money.  As the use of vehicles is increasing day by day, petrol stations are crowded every day. On some special days, petrol is not available even in the queue. Due to this, some people are setting it in such a way that petrol comes at speed. By doing this the petrol meter fills up quickly. But there is no fuel in the vehicles. There have been incidents where some vehicles ran out of petrol after a short distance. Other people questioned the petrol stations as they did not get the expected mileage. But the trick of some petrol station managers is that the meter should go forward by adding 5, 10 and 15 to complete the litre of petrol. If it turns like this, it usually means that petrol is being poured. But if the meter rotates adding 10, 20, 30, and then it should be understood that there is fraud in it. Some set this and pour less petrol and collect money as expected. But this mostly happens in old petrol stations only. Those who are aware of this are stopping the petrol stations using. But those who are not aware are losing. So while filling petrol one should observe how the meter rotates. Also one should go to buy petrol only at updated petrol stations and not at old petrol stations. If there are any problems while buying petrol, immediately talk to the bunk manager and solve the problem.