Fire fighter service anniversary week – awareness on various fire emergencies

Fire fighter service anniversary is from 14th April 2022 to 20th April 2022, in which  every day, various awareness programs were conducted at various places on handling of variety of fire emergencies.

  1. On 14th April 2022, by Honorable minister KTR and district collector the awareness programs have been initiated and inagurated.
  2. On 15th April 2022, near New Bus stand and Old Bus stand of Sircilla town, awareness program on how to avoid fire accidents and how to maintain fire safety were given by Sircilla  station fire officer K.Satish Rao.
  3. On 16th April 2022, at bypass road, in Surabhi, Sukruthi multi storied buildings, a program was conducted on how to avoid LPG cylinder fire accidents and also short circuit accidents by Sircilla station fire officer K.Satish Rao.
  4. On 17th April 2022, at Sri Sai Multi Speciality Hospital, awareness program was conducted on fire safety and a mock drill was conducted by fire department staff on how to rescue patients during fire accidents at hospital was done. For this program Sircilla station fire officer K.Satish Rao,  Leading fire man R. Ashok, L.Narasimhachary, Fire operators L.Naveen Kumar, V.Raju, Fire man T.Venkatesh, N.Sagar Reddy, G.Praveen Kumar and Sd.Sabeer have took part.
Firefighter service anniversary
Fire emergencies handling awarness program