Got into the movie craze and addicted to drugs

RSD_ Lavanya addicted to drugs due to movie craze

RSD- Hyderabad news: A young woman came to Hyderabad with the interest of acting in films. Discontinued her studies in the middle. Later got addicted to drugs and became a supplier. While giving music lessons on one side, selling drugs on the other. The police caught her. The remand report of this case, which came to light in Narsinghi, a suburb of the city, has shocking elements. Manne Lavanya (32) alias Anvita from Vijayawada in AP came to Hyderabad 15 years ago for film opportunities. Lived in Patancheru with brother Karthik. Did hotel management course. Uneeth Reddy was introduced by Sekhar Reddy while acting in a short film in 2014. Both became close friends and acted in some short films. Lavanya is learning music and giving lessons in an institute. Meanwhile, she got used to luxuries due to her closeness with Uneeth Reddy. Lavanya, who gradually became addicted to drugs, has been supplying for three years. Uneeth Reddy buys it from Bangalore and Goa at Rs.1500 per gram and transports it to Hyderabad. Lavanya, who is absconding in this case, used to sell it at Rs.6 thousand per gram. Apart from this, Lavanya and Uniteth Reddy used to take drugs. Madapur SWOT police received information about this gang and arrested them on 28.01.2024 evening on Shankarpally-Narsingi road. 4 grams of MDMA was found in Lavanya’s possession. The police found that Lavanya had contacts with many celebrities in the film industry. Police found that she is the girlfriend of hero Raj Tarun. The court remanded her for 14 days. The police have included Lavanya as A-2 in the case. Uneeth Reddy as A-1 and Indira alias Indu as A-3. The police said that Uneeth was also detained. Preparations are being made to take Lavanya into custody and interrogate her.

In Varalakshmi Tiffins case too

In the report, the police stated that a case was registered in 2022 at Pattabhipuram police station of Guntur district in Lavanya AP. In 2023, another case was registered against Uneeth Reddy and Lavanya at Mokila Police Station. Uneeth was found using drugs. They are suspected to have supplied drugs earlier. It is expected that if he is taken into custody and questioned, the real facts will come to light. The police claimed that Lavanya would have fled abroad if she was not found now. Even in the Varalakshmi Tiffins drug case, she was considered a suspect but no evidence was found. Police are examining Lavanya’s phone contacts, other chats and social media accounts.