Heart recycling ,blocks detection in 2 minutes- Chennai

Two super modern machines were discovered

1) CT-700


1) CT-700 is the most advanced machine to detect heart block without an angiogram which takes only two minutes. There is no need to stay in the hospital for this This cost is also low

Only two places in Chennai are doing this. Early detection of heart block at an early stage

The possibility of cure by pills is very high.

2) An advanced machine called EECP can heal and recycle the heart without bypass surgery and stents.

A medical system approved by the government. To know more contact Sri Vivekananda Hospital ,Chennai 08925015666, 08778463371, ,09500037040, 09500037040, 04443192129 said DR.G. Vivekanandan in Doctors Conference Interview. This is a published news. This has benefited millions of diabetics and heart patients.