World Mental health Day Celebrations – Sircilla

RSD_World Mental Health Day

Mind Care and Counseling Center of Government District Hospital organized an awareness conference on mental health by eminent psychologist K. Punnamchander today to celebrate World Mental Health Day at Ganesh Nagar. Speaking on this occasion, he said that mental problems are increasing day by day with the changed life style. Depression and anxiety are the most common psychological problems today. He said that today there is a situation where every person cannot avoid being affected by these in some case. He said that there is a need to give priority to mental health equal to the priority given to physical health.  But, unfortunately, there is less awareness of mental problems in the society, he said.

The World Health Organization has declared October 10th  as a special day every year to raise awareness about mental health. He said that psychologists and voluntary organizations have been called to organize programs continuously. He said that if mental problems are recognized at the initial stage and counseling is taken, mental health will be good.

Insomnia, nightmares, depression, lethargy, tiredness, extreme anger, long-term mental stress, anxiety and distracting thoughts are indicators of mental health. He said that severe alcohol addiction, marijuana consumption, cigarette and tobacco chewing can increase mental illness in a person. He said that mental problems lead to mental diseases. Schizophrenia, psychosis, bipolar disorder, mania, somatoform disorder are indicators of serious mental illness in a person. Counseling and treatment is available for psychological problems, he said. Mind Care and Counseling Center is constantly working for the solution of mental problems and is requested to be contacted in case of need.