Husband married to his lover by his wife – Three of them wants to live together

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This is a strange love story. The wife fulfilled the heart of the husband who was sad that he could not marry the girl he loved.  Kalyan, who hails from Dakkili Ambedkar Nagar, Nellore district, got married to Vimala. Both of them have good followers on Tik Tok. Both of them used to do tik tok very well. Now that it has been banned, they are active in other social media apps. It is a marriage arranged by elders. But Vimala noticed that her husband was a bit moody after the wedding. When asked for the reason, he would not tell, but one day with the entry of Nithyashri, Vimala understood the scene.

Kalyan’s girlfriend is Nithyashri. Nityashree is also popular with Tik Tok. Their love started with Tik Tok. After that they could not meet due to various reasons. Phone contact was also lost. Kalyan finally forgot her and married Vimala. Suddenly now Nityashree made an entry  And she told the matter to Vimala directly. She cried that they loved each other in the past and that she could not leave him.

Vimala’s reaction here is strange. Vimala is ready to marry her husband Kalyan to his girlfriend Nithyashri, but she also want to stay with them. Nithyashri liked this proposal. Kalyan also wanted a double bonanza. After his first marriage, he got married for the second time. Now all three will be happy together. It is special here that the first wife took care of all the wedding arrangements. She played a major role in her husband’s second marriage. She took her husband and his girlfriend to the temple and got them married. She also took pictures with both of them.

The Kalyan-Vimala-Nityashree affair has gone viral on social media. Photos of her husband’s second married wife Nityashree, her husband and Vimala have been circulating on social media. All the best to the ideal couple. All three wanted to make a living smoothly together. Nityashree is lucky, Vimala is a sacrificer, Kalyan is even luckier. But where this second marriage took place has not come out. It is not clear where these three went together after this, but this matter created a stir in Dakkili.