Implementation of two other guarantees

RSD_CM says implementationof other two guarantees

RSD- Hyderabad news: CM Revanth Reddy has issued orders to the officials to make immediate preparations for the implementation of the Griha Jyoti and Rs.500 gas cylinder schemes. It is tentatively decided to start these two schemes on 27th or 29th of February 2024. The Chief Minister has issued clear instructions to ensure that all the eligible applicants are benefited in public administration.

Chief Minister Revanth Reddy and Deputy CM Bhatti Vikramarka held a review meeting with the Cabinet Sub-Committee at the Secretariat on 22.02.2024. Ministers Uttam Kumar Reddy, Duddilla Sridhar Babu, Ponguleti Srinivas Reddy and Advisor to Chief Minister Narender Reddy participated in this meeting. Among the six most ambitious guarantees announced by the state government, Mahalakshmi, which provides free bus travel facility for women, and Arogya Sri, which increases the limit from Rs.5 lakh to Rs.10 lakh, have already come into force. Now the CM has decided to implement two more guarantee schemes, Griha Jyoti and Gas Cylinder. Arrangements related to the implementation of these two schemes and procedures to be followed were discussed.

The CM advised the authorities to provide gas cylinder for Rs.500 to all the eligible public administration applicants. The officials of Civil Supplies and Finance Department were asked about the obstacles, difficulties and possibilities. In any case, CM Revanth Reddy said that if the beneficiary pays Rs.500, the cylinder will be given and the policy should be followed which is convenient for the people. If necessary, it is advised to negotiate with the gas cylinder distribution agencies. He said that arrangements should be made to pay them immediately along with the subsidy funds to be paid on behalf of the government.

The Chief Minister directed the officials of the Electricity Department to implement the Griha Jyoti scheme in a transparent manner without giving rise to suspicions and misconceptions. Clear instructions have been issued to the authorities to apply this scheme to all those who have a white ration card and consume household electricity under 200 units. From the first week of March 2024, while issuing the electricity bill, all the eligible people have been advised to issue zero bills under the Griha Jyoti scheme.

The CM suggested that if there is anyone who has lost the eligibility for zero bill due to wrong card numbers and connection numbers in the applications given in the public administration, they should be given an opportunity to amend. He said that all electricity bill collection centers and service centers should undertake this amendment process. The electricity department should also carry out adequate publicity so that all the people know about it in every village. He said that this scheme should be applied from the next month to all the eligible people who have corrected the mistakes.

The CM made it clear that it is the responsibility of the officials to ensure that all the eligible people benefit from this scheme. For those who have not applied in the public administration, the opportunity to apply in the MPDO and Tehsildar offices should be continued as a continuous process, the CM ordered the officials. Government Chief Secretary Shanti Kumari, Finance Department Special Chief Secretary Ramakrishna Rao, Civil Supplies Commissioner DS Chauhan, Trans Co, Gen Co CMD Rizvi, CM Principal Secretary Seshadri and other high officials participated in this meeting.