Inspection of local government school construction works sanctioned under Mana Urur Mana Badi program – Sircilla

On 28.12.2022, District Collector Anuraga Jayanthi and President of Municipal Corporation Mrs. Jindam Kala Chakrapani inspected the various development works being carried out as part of the Mana Uru Mana Badi (Mana Basti Manabadi) program in the local government school in the 11th, 12th, 29th and 36th wards of Sircilla town.

In this regard, Mrs. Jindam Kala Chakrapani, President of the Municipal Association said that as a part of the Mana Uru Manabadi (Mana Badi Manabasti) program introduced by Chief Minister Shri KCR by allocating funds of about 7289 crore rupees, Mana Uru Mana Badi has been sanctioned to about 12 government schools under Sircilla Municipal Corporation with the cooperation of Minister KTR. She said that with the funds, many development works have been undertaken in the school for the construction of basic facilities such as cooking room, dining hall, protective wall and construction of toilets as per the needs of the students.

The  Chief Minister KCR who is working to strengthen the public education system by designing such a good scheme to achieve an equal society by providing education to everyone and various developments in the public school of Sircilla through the Mana Uru- Mana Badi (Mana Basti Manabadi) scheme. She said that she would like to express her special thanks to the Minister KTR who has made special efforts to allocate funds for the works through Mana Uru Manabadi program. It is said that soon all the works will be completed and all the steps to improve the government schools will be taken at the corporate level.

Municipal Commissioner Sammayya, Councilor members Oggu Uma Rajesham, Pathuri Rajireddy, Gentyala Srinivas, Kalluri Raju, Co-op members Gollapally Balayya, Municipal Officers, School Education Committee Chairman, Headmasters, and teachers, municipal officers and staff have participated in the program.