Kadiyam Kavya as Warangal MP candidate?

RSD_Kadiyam Kavya as Warangal MP cnadidate

RSD-Hyderabad news:  Kadiam Kavya, who recently joined the Congress, has been announced by the Congress leadership as the candidate for the Warangal Parliament. Kadiam Srihari and his daughter Kavya, who compromised with the BRS party, joined the Congress party on March 31st 2024. Allotted Warangal MP ticket from BRS, left my party and joined Congress party. The board announced this decision on 31.03.2024 night after discussing with AICC leaders, KC Venu Gopal and Telangana Congress leaders. The Congress leadership has announced Dr. Abhay Kashinath Patil as a candidate from Akola in Maharashtra. AICC General Secretary KC Venugopal has issued a statement to this effect.