Kamareddy MLA who demolished his own house for road expansion

RSD_ Kamareddy MLA house demolished in road widening

RSD-Kamareddy Distric news:  Kamareddy MLA Katipalli Venkata Ramana Reddy is once again in the news. Last year’s challenges, as mentioned in every challenge, he kept his word by demolishing his own house which was blocking the width of the road. Others were also asked to cooperate for the widening of the road.According to the old master plan, an 80-feet road has to be constructed from the old bus stand to the railway gate in Kamareddy district centre. But now there is only 30 feet. Many people have built their houses without being able to widen the road. Tap holes and sheds were arranged in front of the houses.

But MLA Venkata Ramana Reddy took a sensational decision to ask people to come forward voluntarily for road widening. He demolished his house which was obstructing the width of the road to start from his house and handed over the place to the authorities. On 27.01.2024 morning, under the supervision of R&B, Municipal and Electricity Department officials, the house was demolished closely with JCB. As the Panchmukhi Hanuman temple is also on the same road, the officials were advised to take up the road works so that the temple does not damage.

He asked the people to cooperate in the development and voluntarily remove the tap holes and sheds on the road within a week. The officials were directed to construct another 24 feet road in addition to the existing road within a month. However, the width of the road to be constructed from the MLA’s house to the old bus stand also includes the residence of the current government advisor and former minister Shabbir Ali. People are eagerly waiting for his response.