Mind care counselling for power loom workers to “Be freed from alcohol addiction”

Eminent psychologist K. Punnamchander organized a mind care program for power loom workers at Venkampeta Sircilla under the f Mind Care and Counseling Centre. Speaking in this regard, Psychologist Punnamchandar said that the workers should be freed from alcoholism. He said that alcohol addiction weakens a person physically and mentally. It is medically known as a psycho somatic disorder. He said that both the body and the mind are affected by the disease. In the long term the severe effect will be on the brain and nervous system of the person. He said that they will become mental patients and alcoholics. If addiction is detected at an early stage, it will be possible to predict its future consequences and take appropriate measures. Narcotic substances directly affect the brain and spinal cord, causing people to make errors in making professional decisions. Drugs can cause rage, anger, hysterical behavior and strange behavior in people. The Mind Care and Counseling Center provides counseling for getting rid of alcohol and drug addiction and appropriate treatment is available if needed. He requested to take advantage of this opportunity. Polu Rajaiah, Madasu Ravinder Thotapelli Veeraiah, Laxman, Mind Care Center staff members Vemula Annapurna, Konda Uma, Rapelli Latha and Boora Srimati participated in this program.