Official drug Mafia in Rajanna Sircilla

At present even though medical shops have been run for years together yet they could not be able to pay the rents off and continue due to increasing prices of the medicines. Due to this the common people are suffering a lot. Crores of irregular sales was indirectly supported by the officials.

The increase in nursing homes, attached medical shops, in the district has made medical treatments a complete business due to the ruling of medical mafia. They even took the medical officials in their control and are commanding them to work as per the mafia wish.

They made three categories like attached counters, medical shops and hospitals and started official looting of crores of rupees in the name of official checking or inspections and making the medical shops and attached medical counters to be seized saying that irregularities are found officially thereby  backing lakhs of rupees into mafia pockets.

 They even started threatening people to life if reported against them and if questioned then cases are been filed against the people who questioned or opposed in an official manner by the medical officials itself.

To check whether the medical officials are in the control of the mafia or not, the mafia areĀ  wantedly makingĀ  raids and taking lakhs of rupees from medical shops, agencies and attached medical shops in hospitals. No one is daring to address this medical mafia problem, it is an official loot of public money in the name of medical business. The so called medical officials who need to oppose this are working as per the directions of the mafia. Ultimately the common man is suffering.