One Day training program for traffic verticals – District Police office

By the orders of the District SP in the District Police Office, Vertical Incharge CI Bansilal conducted a one-day training program for the traffic vertical officers of each police station to 25.11.2022. In this regard, CI Bansilal said that, officers conducting traffic duty in each police station should make a special plan at the police station level for the prevention of road accidents, identify the places where accidents are likely to occur and take necessary measures, take more safety measures for the prevention of road accidents, conduct random checks on minors driving, helmet, drunk & driving, speeding driving.

Similarly, he said that laser gun should be used in the area of ​​every police station and the speeding vehicles should be caught. He said that vehicles with more than five tires should be impounded. He said that everyone should be made aware of the rules and regulations of the Motor Vehicle Act. He said that everyone will reach their destinations safely when they follow the traffic rules. Traffic SIs Raju, Dilip and staff participated in this meeting.