People should be alert in view of rains

RSD_ Rain alert in district

RSD- Sircilla news: DSP Udey Reddy said that people should be alert in view of the continuous rains with thunder and lightning from 03.09.2023 morning, no one should go under the trees during the rains as there is a high chance of lightning falling on the trees. A man from Sircilla town went to play cricket with his friends and went under a tree due to rain. The young man died on the spot when he was standing as suddenly struck by lightning. Due to the rains, the streams overflowed and the ponds were filled due to overflowing. He said that children and young people should not go near the ponds, which are dangerous. Those who live near them should be alert as there is a chance of collapsing the mud houses that people have in rural areas due to rains.People are asked to be vigilant and give information to dial 100 for immediate help.