People should be alert to cyber criminals

RSD_Cyber scams alert

RSD-District news: The District SP suggested that people should be vigilant about cyber crimes, do not share the OTP number without your involvement, do not tell other bank details, do not search for customer care numbers online, and if anyone is a victim of cyber crime, call the troll free number 1930 immediately.

Following are the most common cyber crimes that people should be aware of

1. Business and Investment Fraud (Investment and Business Fraud)

An unknown cyber criminal puts some link on social media and asks us to open it, adds the victim in the Telegram group and cheats him with the hope that he will get a large amount of profit if he invests in it.

2 Loan Fraud

An unknown cyber criminal put some link on social media and making the victim trust who opened it and took the OTP mail address bank details in their possession and gave a loan up to 3000, 4000, 10000 rupees and threatened to return the money even after paying the entire amount. Upon filing a case they changed the photos on social media. People should be careful as they threaten to extort money.

3. Fake Customer Care Service Fraud

Some victims while searching about online numbers on Google call any number in it and ask if it is customer care center, they say yes to the victim and depending on the problem, he sends a link to the mobile, the victim opens the link, fills in OTP etc. details, and then sends money to the cyber criminals. Beware of cheating.

4 Delivery boy scam

Note that if the delivery boy comes to your house saying that you have received an order online without your order, it is definitely a cyber crime. Do not tell the OTP number under any circumstances after the delivery boy comes and places the order. You will not receive any order without your knowledge, so understand that this is definitely a fraud. Stay one step away from cyber frauds.

5. Job Frauds

Unidentified cyber criminal sends a link to some phones which after opening it contains a message that there are private jobs and a good life will come. Unknown victims of this message open part time jobs. Do not fill your resume and other details. There are companies that say that if you invest, you will get a large amount of profit. Don’t be fooled by paying money by listening to the words of the cyber fraudster. Be careful.

6. Couriers scam

You get a phone call from some company and they threaten you that a parcel has been received in your name and it contains banned substances by the government. Meanwhile, another person comes on the line and makes you believe that they are officials of the Mumbai Narcotics Division who will have to do the identity verification. But it is said that people should not panic if they get such calls and should be careful because it is a cyber crime.