Telangana Officers’ Assets Out

RSD_HMDA assests truth revealed

RSD-Hyderabad news: Former HMDA director Shivabalakrishna has revealed sensational things. Telangana officials in particular are emerging. Sensational matters have come to the attention of the authorities while considering HMDA assets. Several officials in Telangana have reportedly made purchases of assets without devepetty permits. Somesh Kumar’s assets have come to light. While Shivabalakrishna’s documents are being examined, the latest Rajat Kumar assets have emerged, officials said. 52 acres in Hemajipur in Mahabubnagar and 15 acres in Yadadri district. Shivabalakrishna mentioned the name of IAS Arvind Kumar in his statement. Authorities have said that Arvind Kumar has obtained the necessary land permits by ordering Sivabalakrishna to get them. Shivabalakrishna has given clearance to 12 acres of land with the orders of Aravind Kumar. Aravaind Kumar has given clearance to a land at Narsingi for a company. For SSV project Arvind Kumar had demanded Rs 10 crore said Sivabalakrishna. In that 10 crores rupees, one crore was given to  a man named Sheikh Saida. In December, Arvind Kumar was paid Rs. 1 crore through Sivabalakrishna. Arvind Kumar demanded Rs. 1 crore for a building at Maheswaram said by Sivabalakrishna . Arvind Kumar did a favor to the Wort Ex -Homes at Mankal and as a result, Arvind Kumar received a flat as reward.