People should follow road safety and traffic rules and drive vehicles

RSD_ Traffic awareness program at Sircilla

RSD- Sircilla news: As a part of the 35th Road Safety Mass Utsav, district SP Akhil Mahajan IPS, along with trainee IPS Rahul Reddy participated in the road safety pledge program organized with students, auto drivers and motorists at Ambedkar Chowk in Sircilla town.SP said on this occasion that as part of the 35th  Road Safety Mass Festival, we are conducting road safety awareness programs in the district and apart from that, we are making students aware as part of road safety education classes in every school in the district.

People should follow road safety and traffic rules and drive vehicles, wear helmet and seat belt properly while driving. Life is very precious and our family members depend on us. Drinking alcohol, carelessly, rash driving, wrong route and lack of awareness drive the vehicles costs our lives. Everyone should have a driving license and under no circumstances should vehicles be given to minors as it is a crime to drive vehicle by a minor.On this occasion, he asked that the roads are a symbol of the ancient civilization and that the roads should not be covered with bloodstains but should be decorated with green shade trees and follow the road safety rules and traffic rules. Later, traffic SI Raju took road pledge with students and motorists. Additional SP Chandraiah, DSP Uday Reddy, CI Raghupathi, Traffic SI Raju participated along with the SP.