Photography Workshop Spot Competition 2022 – Sircilla

RSD_Photography Workshop Poster

Sircilla Municipality President Mrs. Jindam Kala Chakrapani who unveiled the poster of Photography Workshop Spot Competition 2022 to be organized under the Rajannasircilla District Photo and Videographers Association on 08.10.2022. In today’s modern world, the photo has become commonplace in the daily life of a human being. Photo is a living collection of many memories which is a group of few thousand words that make many people conscious. But she said that the greatness of photography is to capture such a photo in a meaningful and artistic manner. Similar Photography Workshop Competition in our Rajannasircilla District Indoor Photography Training Classes at Lahari Function Hall on Monday 31st October Organizing Outdoor Photography Training Classes at Bhimuni Mallareddy Peta on Tuesday 1st November is a great opportunity for many budding photographers and videographers to tap their creativity. Special thanks to Rajannasircilla District Photographers and Videographers Association for organizing such a wonderful event.

Later, on under the Photographers and Videographers Association, the President of the Municipal Corporation, Mrs. Jindam Kalachakrapani, was felicitated with a shawl.

Rajannasircilla District Photographers and Videographers Association President Gajula Srinivas and their executive committee members, Town President of TRS Party Mr. Jindam Chakrapani, District Secretary of Famous Photographers Cricket Association Vankayala Karthik, and photographers were present.