Police burnt 41.526 kg of ganja under the direction of DDDC-Rajannasircilla district

RSD_ ganja for burning

District Drug Disposal Committee Chairman District SP Rahul Hegde, Additional SP Chandraiah, committee members took part in the process of burning prohibited ganja in scientific method Today, 41.526 kg of banned ganja which was seized in 27 registered cases in various police stations was burnt in a scientific method in Gala dumpyard at Ragudu in Sircilla under the direction of the district SP.

In this regard, SP said that the biggest problem currently plaguing the society is that the youth are getting addicted to ganja and other drugs and are ruining their precious future. He said that the police are effectively preventing the transportation of ganja in the district. He informed that the rest of the ganja in the possession of the police in the district will also be burnt in instalments according to the law. He said that PD acts will be registered against those who transport intoxicants like ganja and gutka and legal action will be taken on the transporters. Additional SP Chandraya, Special Branch DSP Ravikumar, CIs Anil Kumar, RIs Kumaraswamy, Yadagiri, SI Damodar and staff participated in this program.

RSD_ganja burnt by DDDC