Sircilla Municipality a role model for India in cleanliness

On 20.10.2022, in the local 3rd ward Mrs. Jindam Kala Chakrapani, President of the Municipal Corporation was the chief guests in an awareness program on segregation of wet, dry and harmful waste as a part of Clean Survey 2023.

In this regard, Mrs. Jindam Kala Chakrapani, President of Municipal Association said that

according to the aspirations of Mahatma Gandhi who said that true independence is achieved only when complete cleanliness is achieved in the country, following the instructions of Minister KTR, following the rules of cleanliness, the category of Municipalities with a population of less than one lakh in South India in the Clean Survey 2022.

In this regard, she said that she would like to express her special thanks to everyone who has worked hard to get the award as a self-sustainable city for Sircilla Municipal Corporation.

Last year’s clean city in south zone award in Swachh Survey 2021 and this year’s self sustainable city in south zone award in Swachh Survey 2022 has increased responsibility towards cleanliness on all of us.

 According to the wishes of Chief Minister KCR, according to the orders of  Minister KTR, by cleaning the unclean places in the town through urban development programs, she said that Sircilla Municipal Corporation will give high priority to cleanliness and move forward in the path of development.

In order to keep the town clean, on behalf of the Sircilla Municipal Corporation, the garbage collection vehicles are operated, and the sanitation workers collect the wet and dry garbage separately from the commercial complexes every day, make fertilizers from the wet garbage, recycle the dry garbage, and generate income for the municipality and for town. She said that the Municipal Corporation is working hard to keep it clean.

Cleanliness of our town is our responsibility and people must follow the rules of cleanliness and separate the waste from their household commercial complexes into wet, dry and harmful waste and give it to the municipal waste collection vehicles.

In addition, in Sircilla Municipal Corporation, public defecation has been banned and people have been encouraged to build 100% toilets in commercial complexes and they must ensure that the toilets are emptied and reused by the people once every three years.

 According to the ideas of Minister KTR, it is the responsibility of everyone to follow the rules of cleanliness in Siricilla Municipal Corporation and make Sircilla Municipal Corporation as a role model for other Municipal Corporations in India.

Municipal Commissioner Sammayya MEPMA officers staff RPs and women participated in this program.