Ramayana a way of life – Valmiki birth anniversary celebrations

RSD_Valmiki Jayanthi

Ramayana is a guide for human life said President of Municipal Corporation Mrs. Jindam Kala Chakrapani on the Adi Kavi Maharshi Valmiki’s birth anniversary celebrations which were held on 09.10.2022 at the Municipal Corporation office under the chairmanship of Municipal Corporation President Mrs. Jindam Kala Chakrapani. Telangana State Powerlooms and Textiles Development Corporation Chairman Guduri Praveen was present as the chief guest in this anniversary celebrations. In this regard, Mrs. Jindam Kala Chakrapani, President of the Municipal Corporation, said Adi Kavi Valmiki wrote a great ideal book called Ramayana. She said that the story of Rama, which teaches how to grow in life is Ramayana, it is a divine book that is useful for a good human life. She reminded that Rama for happiness, Rama for sorrow, Rama for hunger, Ramachandra for food, Indian voice always intertwines the name of Rama and gives the Ramayana a top notch in the course of life. By writing such a great poem Valmiki, the poet who enshrined Dharma in the form of Rama has made people to follow the path of Rama. Municipal Vice Chairman Manche Srinivas, Councilor Members and Co-op Members Municipal Officers and Staff participated in this program.

RSD_Valmiki Jayanthi at 17th Battalion

Valmiki’s birth anniversary at the office of 17th Police Battalion in Sardapur district of Rajanna Sircilla, floral tributes were paid to Valmiki’s portrait.

In this regard, Assistant Commandant Mr. M Parthasarathy Reddy said that everyone should follow the noble and original poet Valmiki Maharishi, who turned the Ramayana into a melodious poem and set the right path for mankind. He explained that Ramayana teaches us high ideals and humanitarian values ​​at every step and Valmiki gave us the first great poem in Sanskrit. Following Valmiki Ramayana , everyone wants to see a change in everyone, to grow great, to take the path of righteousness and Valmiki’s teaching as an ideal. Officers and staff participated in the program.

RSD_Valmiki Jayanthi at District Police Office

Additional SP Chandraya paid tributes to the image of Valmi installed in the premises of the district police office. It is necessary to remember Valmiki, who was born as a common man, grew up in the forest as a Boyavadu, became Maharshi Valmiki through the teachings of Saptabusha and gave us the wonderful book Ramayana. The Additional SP said that in Ramayana the principles of life necessary for the well-being of society along with leading an ideal life were there. Sircilla Town CI Anil Kumar office staff participated in this program.