Maha annadana program started by – Municipal president Sircilla

RSD_Maha Annadana program

Municipal Corporation President Jindam Kala Chakrapani who started the Maha Annadana programs organized on 09.10.2022 as a part of the Shree Amba Bhavani Goddess Navratri festival being held in the 11th , 13th  and 35th  wards of the town.

In this regard, Mrs. Jindam Kala Chakrapani, President of Municipal Corporation said that

as a part of our cultural tradition, the mandapa managers who are organizing the Shree Amba Bhavani Navratri festival for the benefit of the community are dedicatedly organizing this Maha Annadana program.

Similarly, prayed that Amba Bhavani’s blessings should be showered on the people, that the crops and businesses should be profitable and that all the people should have good health and longevity.

Chief Minister KCR said that Telangana State is being taken forward in the path of development as a secular state by respecting all religions and respecting the traditions of all religions in Telangana state and respecting their respective festivals.

Chief Minister KCR, who is working for the rights of all states at the national level, has requested that Amba Bhavan blessingd to be provide for their services for the development of the country at the national level in the coming days.

Vice Chairman Manche Srinivas, Councilors Oggu Uma Rajesham, Addagatla Madhavi Murali, Doosa Vinay, Darla Keertana Sandeep, Bhakta Vanaja, President of BRS Party Urban Women’s Unit, Vengala Srinivas, President of BRS Party District Labor Unit, BRS Party chief leaders, activists, Amba Bhavani Mandapa administrators and people participated.