Schedule of transfers and promotions should be released – TSUTF

In a meeting organized at Kusuma Ramaiah Zilla Parishad High School, District President Pakala Shankar Goud said that there has been no promotions in the school education department for the last seven years, no transfers for the last four years, no appointments for the last five years, and there is a serious crisis in the school education sector. According to the President’s Orders 2018, Zilla Parishad and Mandal Parishad teachers have been brought under the purview of the Education Department, paving the way for promotions. Everyone thought that the crisis would be resolved. The Chief Minister himself also announced in the Assembly that he has directed the Chief Secretary to the Government and the Education Department to immediately take up the transfers and promotions of teachers on March 22, 2021 and March 10, 2022. The Education Minister said that the process will be carried out during the summer vacations. He said that meetings will be held with MLCs and associations on April 21st  and 25th  and the schedule will be released within a week. All the teachers were waiting with hope. But the schedule has not been given till today.

Due to the delay in the release of the schedule, the teacher’s unions appealed to the education minister and the secretary, but they were ignored, and despite the step-by-step movements on the part of the teacher’s unions struggle committee, they did not call and speak. It is not clear what are the obstacles to provide promotions. On the occasion of Teacher’s Day, the Minister of Education said that it is surprising to announce that transfers and promotions are delayed due to legal obstacles. Telangana State United Teachers Federation (TSUTF) demanded on behalf of the district branch to disclose the obstacles to transfers and promotions. On behalf of TSUTF, we are demanding the state government to hold a meeting of the teacher’s unions immediately and discuss the issues of transfers, promotions etc.,

He said that a state-level relay hunger strike will be held in Hyderabad Dharna Chowk from September 11th  till the schedule is released under the Struggle Committee of Teachers Unions to release the schedule for the management of transfers, promotions and appointments of teachers during the Dussehra holidays. A large number of teachers have been asked to participate in this initiation and make it successful.