Nimajana Shobhayatra in a peaceful atmosphere –Rajannasircilla district

RSD_Ganesh Shobhayatra

In a meeting organized with religious leaders, festival committee members and councilors at the Padmanayaka function hall in Siricilla town under the direction of Rajanna Sirisilla District Police Department, the District SP called to celebrate Shobhayatra in a peaceful atmosphere.

District SP Rahul Hegde IPS clarified that 1914 Ganesh idols have been installed in the district as a whole and all measures have been taken to ensure that the Ganesh Nimajjana Shobhayatra to be held on the 9th of this month in a peaceful atmosphere. He explained that Shobha Yatra is being organized under the supervision of CC cameras. He said that it is the responsibility of all of us to ensure that no untoward incidents or clashes should take place during Nimarjana Shobhayatras.

SP said that the rumors on social media should not be believed and that if you inform the police about any minor problem, they will solve the problem immediately. In case of emergency dial 100 and call the local police officers. He said that Nimarjana Shobhayatra should be conducted in a peaceful environment following the advice of the police.

DJs are not allowed under any circumstances. He said strict action will be taken if the rules are not followed. Legal action will be taken against those who drive Ganesh vehicles under the influence of alcohol. Revenue, Municipal, R&B, National Highways and Irrigation authorities along with all the government departments have been coordinated and all measures have been taken to ensure that Ganesh immersion takes place peacefully without any minor incident. Traffic diversions will be in place during the Yatra in the areas where the Shobha Yatra takes place. So people should be prepared for it. He warned that legal action will be taken against the concerned persons, whoever tries to create problems, commits illegal activities, violates the rules and will not be ignored. DSP Vishwaprasad, CI Anil Kumar, religious leaders, festival committee members, councilors SI Srikanth, Raju, Damodar participated in this program.