Severe punishment in the court of law will decrease the crime rate

RSD_ Crime rate reduces if severe punishment is given

RSD- Sircilla news: In the past month, the accused were punished and fined in 07 cases in the court. Everyone is advised to note that no one who has committed a crime in the society can escape punishment, the police and the prosecution will conduct a strategic trial and ensure that the punishments are met, even for the crimes committed in the moment, the punishments should be met. He said that in the past one month, in 07 cases in the districts, the Honorable Court has imposed jail sentences and fines on the accused. On the orders of District SP Akhil Mahajan IPS, a review meeting was held with District Police Officers, Public Prosecutors and Court Duty Officers to increase the conviction rate at Padmanayaka function hall on 03.02.2024.

On this occasion, Additional SP of the district said that crime prevention and criminal investigation are the most important aspects in the performance of duties, quality of investigation should be in every case, in cases of crime investigation, armed with the latest technology and scientific evidence, the courts will believe that when the evidence is introduced in the court, the accused will not escape from the law and will be punished severely. He said that the fear of punishment is created among the criminals if they commit a crime. He said that the crimes are being proved by the strong arguments of the experienced prosecution officers in the court along with the physical evidence along with the technical knowledge in the police investigation, he said that every week a review meeting with the court monitoring system officials is being held and necessary direction is being given. Public prosecutors have directed the police officers and court duty officers on the procedures to be followed in order to increase the conviction rate and ensure impartial investigation and punishment of criminals. DSP Uday Reddy, Nagendrachari, Public Prosecutor Addl. PP V.Laxmiprasad, Sircilla Sub court, Addl.PP P.Srinivas Pocso court, APP CH. Sandeep PDM court Sircilla, APP Sathish ADM court Sircilla, CIs, SIs, court duty officers participated.